Denodo Data Days 2022: Edmonton

 2022/10/18 - Sabor, Edmonton, Canada

  8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Denodo is joined by DevFacto and Axxiome in Edmonton to share their expertise and use cases in data integration and management.

Meet us at Sabor on October 18, 2022 as we discuss the value of: implementing a logical data fabric; using a data catalog to bring together IT and business; gaining more insights from your analytics; data governance and security; modernizing your cloud architecture, and more,.

Date: October 18, 2022

Time: 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Location: Sabor, 10220 103 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8 |


8:30 am
Registration & Networking
9:00 am
9:10 am
Keynote - Data Management Powered by a Logical Data Fabric, David Kerner, Denodo
According to a recent Forrester survey, while 85% of organizations want to improve their use of data insights in their decision making, 91% of the respondents report that they are not able to improve upon their data-driven decision making. The problem - organizations often turn to the data lakes, data lake houses, cloud data warehouses etc. as their monolithic data repository, for all of their data and analytics needs. But the hard reality is that data is and will be spread across multiple repositories that extend across cloud and regional boundaries. Join us to gain key insights on why a logical data fabric powered by data virtualization is critical for any organization's data and analytics.
9:45 am
Starting Strong – Insights and Lessons Learned to Make Your First Denodo Project a Success, Jason Medwid, DevFacto
Denodo's data virtualization platform offers more than a way to rapidly deal with your scattered data sources. It is a platform that enables a fully modern approach to data management that allows you to meet the central data challenge faced by organizations: too much data is being provisioned too slowly. We’ll share tips and insights gained from successfully implementing Denodo with our customers. From choosing your proof-of-concept starting points and utilizing key platform features, through strategic and organizational considerations, we’ll discuss what works and what doesn’t. DevFacto is excited about this platform and after our talk, you will be, too!.
10:15 am
Networking Break
10:30 am
Data Catalog: Bridging the Gap between IT and Business, Bhavita Jaiswal, Denodo
Self service is a major goal of modern data strategists. Denodo’s data catalog is a key piece in Denodo’s portfolio to bridge the gap between the technical data infrastructure and business users. It provides a true ‘data marketplace’ for business users, i.e an enterprise-wide directory of datasets available for consumption. It provides discovery capabilities for business users, enabling them to explore both data and metadata in a single Web front-end tool. In this session, we explore Denodo’s data catalog capabilities, including documentation, search, governance and collaboration capabilities, and data exploration wizards. It’s the perfect companion for a virtual layer to fully empower those self service initiatives with minimal IT intervention. It provides business users with the tool to generate their own insights with proper security, governance and guardrails.
11:00 am
Data governance and data security: The Champions of IT Transformation, Nimish Patel, Axxiome
In the analytics world there is a constant drive to provide business users with self-service access to fresh insights. This is often in conflict with the CDO's drive for better data governance and data security. Nimish Patel will discuss a new approach that uses technology to operationalize data governance while promoting analytic self-service.
11:30 am
Accelerate Cloud Modernization using Data Virtualization, Bhavita Jaiswal, Denodo
Many companies have been modernizing their data infrastructure from legacy on-premises to modern cloud systems. But such a transition has not been easy - many companies had to re-architect their IT landscape to fit the new technology model, disrupting business. Data virtualization provides a layer of abstraction for the IT to transform their systems, while enabling the business users to continue their operations without disruption. In this session, we discuss how some of Denodo’s largest customers have successfully modernized their IT infrastructure using data virtualization as the data abstraction layer.
12:00 pm
Closing Remarks
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Networking Lunch

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