PASS Summit 2019

 05 Nov 2019 to 08 Nov 2019 - Seattle, WA

  3:15 to 4:30 pm

Recent trends in data management have favored a fragmented data landscape. From the days of a traditional central EDW, that provided a curated, consolidated access to data, current data architectures have evolved in different directions: noSQL, data lakes in the cloud, SaaS apps like SFDC, Spark and data science, etc.

At the same time, self service initiatives have tried to create a simpler perspective on the data where empowered users can build their own intelligence without the constant help of IT. But how to bind these two perspectives together? Physical consolidation in a single system doesn't work anymore: volumes are too big, and built-for-purpose systems offer unique abilities that would be lost.

A logical approach is more feasible: a logical layer that connects different systems and exposes them as one. The complexity of the back-end systems is hidden from the end user, while security, governance and auditing are again centralized. Self service can then become a reachable goal.

In this session we will see how a data virtualization platform like Denodo provides the required capabilities to build such a layer, and bridge the gap between the modern IT infrastructure and the needs of the end users.

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