Modernizing Real-Time Data Analytics with Cloud Data Warehouse and Hybrid Data Abstraction Layer

 18 Oct 2018 - Singapore

Enhancing Real-Time Data Analytics with Minimal Downtime Data Migrations to the Cloud

This event is jointly hosted by Denodo and Snowflake.

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and traditional, on-premise data warehouses are costly to scale. However, many companies feel locked into these systems as they are often tied to business-critical operations. Cloud-based solutions are promising, but companies are reluctant to migrate from legacy systems, since this would result in costly downtime.

Join us to learn how you can easily engage in a seamless migration to the cloud with minimal downtime, and drive enhanced decision-making abilities that will give you a competitive edge. 

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How harnessing a built-for-the-cloud data warehouse can increase and accelerate your analytic workloads, and streamline streamline data loading
  • How data virtualization will help you minimize downtime, data security and privacy concerns as you transition to a cloud architecture
  • How you can enable business analysts, and users to consume virtually any information in a real-time, self-service manner.

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