DATAx Singapore 2019

 05 Mar 2019 to 06 Mar 2019 - Singapore

The DATAx Singapore festival combines deep technical insights with strategic advice from SE Asia's data leaders, with stages dedicated to data leadership, machine learning, smart cities, AI in finance and data-driven marketing. This ‘how to’ summit addresses the broad spectrum of up-to-date aspects of data technology and strategy. Sit in Asia’s big data hub Singapore, learn hard-won lessons from leading CDO, CTO, data scientists and IT developers on topics focused on machine learning, NLP, data analytics, predictive modeling, data governance, automation, and cloud.

Denodo is a Silver Sponsor at the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit under the DATAx Singapore festival.   

Session title: Boosting Analytics Real-time and Business Performance using Big Data Fabric and AI

To outdo competition and increase revenue and market share, companies are turning to real-time analytics to gain intelligence from operational data and boost business performance. However, with the data volume exploding across increasingly siloed on-premises repositories and multi-cloud, companies are finding it hard to integrate and deliver data in real-time to business users. 

Big Data Fabric powered by Data Virtualization integrates the data dispersed across multiple sources without any concern for data location, format, or latency, and delivers it in real-time to business users. This modern data architecture employs sophisticated cost-based optimization AI algorithms to boost the performance of data delivery so that business users can take immediate action. 

This presentation will introduce: 

  • The notion of big data fabric and the need for such architecture in modern data analytics. 
  • Real-time performance innovations delivered through cost-based optimization algorithms and intelligent query optimization engines. 
  • Use cases from customer deployments that have delivered business success.

Speaker: Alex Hoehl, Sr. Director, Business Development, APAC, Denodo Technologies

Denodo is a Silver Sponsor at the Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit under the DATAx Singapore festival.   

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Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

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