Chief Data & Analytics Officer Singapore 2019

 23 Jul 2019 to 24 Jul 2019 - Singapore

We are proud to be an Executive Partner sponsor at CDAO Singapore on July 23-24, 2019. Paul Moxon, VP of Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist, Denodo, will be speaking at this event on 23 July 2019 (Day 1). We look forward to meeting you there!

Attend the Denodo speaking session (Track B: Innovation) on Day 1, 23 July at 2.55PM

Topic: Building a Flexible and Scalable Data Architecture for Next Generation Analytics Platform

Abstract: "Everything changes and nothing stands still." This quote - ascribed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus - has never been more true in the world of big data and analytics. Changes are happening at an ever increasing pace and it is difficult for even experts to keep up. Just as a simple example, the Hadoop ecosystem - the foundation of most next generation analytics platforms - has transformed from a simple system of 11 integrated components to a multi-headed monster with over 100 different components and technologies - many of them with overlapping functionality. Five years ago, even CEOs were talking about Big Data initiatives and Map-Reduce was the buzzword. Now it's all about Python, Machine Learning and advanced analytics…talking about Map-Reduce make you look positively antiquated!

Trying to build a flexible and scalable architecture to support this ever changing technology landscape is a challenge. New technologies emerge, older ones fade away - how can you create an architecture that will accommodate this change while still providing stability and reliability to your users? 

In this session, we will look at how companies have built flexible data architectures that allow IT and the business to focus on their core missions and to move at different speeds and allow companies to rapidly adopt new technologies to get a leg up on their competitors.

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