Public Sector Network Roadshow 2022: Data & AI Showcase Canada

 2022/06/06 - Toronto, Ontario

Denodo is sponsoring the Public Sector Network (PSN) 2022 Roadshow across multiple Canadian Cities.

Building a Smart Public Sector with Data Collaboration and Automation

Recently the public sector has become increasingly aware of the potential value that can be gained from leveraging data as a strategic asset, but the sector still struggles with effective methods to extract true value from insights, while maintaining privacy and security.

At the Data & AI Showcase, Denodo will be hosting a roundtable discussion on "Data Warehouse/Data Lake: A panacea or hindrance to agility, governance and security?", moderated by David Kerner, VP Denodo Canada.

Registration to PSN events is complimentary and exclusive to Public Sector employees only.

Reserve your seat and come join in the discussion. Visit PSN 2022 Data & AI Showcase Roadshow for more details.

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