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Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization Webinar Series

Five Sessions Covering Trends and Wide-Range of Use Case Patterns of Data Virtualization for 2014 & Beyond

Data virtualization is more than just Agile BI. Broad spectrum data virtualization is about building a common semantic data layer that serves both Informational and Operational/Transactional business needs. Join leading industry analysts, including Claudia Imhoff and Rick van der Lans, for a webinar series that examines the wide range of use cases for broad spectrum data virtualization.

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Session 1 - Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization: An Introduction

Featuring Suresh Chandrasekaran,
Sr. VP, Denodo

Session 3 - Data Virtualization in Mainstream BI

Featuring Claudia Imhoff & Colin White, Analysts

Session 5 - Data Virtualization: a Strategic Requirement or an Essential tool?

Featuring Philip Howard,
Research Director, Bloor Research