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The past months have been challenging, to say the least, as we face the new reality of this Coronavirus pandemic. In the face of this adversity, many brave people, companies, and governments are coming together to find a solution and save lives. And, we at Denodo, would like to contribute as well. Leveraging what we do well - data virtualization - we are building a Coronavirus Data Portal with the sole aim of integrating disparate global data about COVID-19, curating them, and then providing them to data consumers such as data scientists, analysts, and researchers, who can use them to find solutions to this deadly disease. But we cannot do it alone.

We would like to partner with you to (1) share any extended data sets that we can integrate and offer for consumption via this data platform, or (2) take these integrated and curated data sets, and augment your own COVID-19 initiatives.

Message from our CEO

Driving New Insights using Coronavirus Data Portal

There are a variety of Coronavirus public dashboards out there, some of which are more reliable than others, so we want to provide our global community with trustworthy, up-to-date global data about COVID-19 that can be used to not only developing new intelligence about this disease but also building solutions to defeat this deadly disease. The Coronavirus Data Portal is an open platform that can be used simply to access collated and curated data sets about COVID-19 or users can combine these data sets with their own data - either using their own tools or Denodo sandbox environments - to create deeper insights into the disease. These combined data sets can be contributed back to the Coronavirus Data Portal to be shared with other users.

The Coronavirus Data Portal can be used in the the following ways:


Search the curated datasets

Coronavirus Data Portal offers a catalog of the curated data sets - both uploaded and curated by Denodo data stewards and those contributed by users of the data portal. Search these data sets and find the data relevant to you - details about the spread of the disease, school closures, financial impact, and much more. Drill deeper to view all details about a particular data set and its relationship with other data sets.

Demo: How to Search Search the data catalogget started PDF


Enhance your dashboard BI Tools with integrated data portal

Leverage any BI tool such as PowerBI, Tableau and others to connect to the data portal and generate smart visualizations. Users can easily use these tools to create new customized reports of the integrated data. See all the BI tools that can be used with the Coronavirus Data Platform.

Demo: Using BI ToolsBI reporting/analysis PDF


Extend data integration using API services /downloadable CSV datasets

Users can now further integrate their application with the Coronavirus Data Platform, utilizing it as an API service layer. This enables users to access the curated data sets in a variety of views. These options will grow as we bring in multi-faceted data from across the globe.



Contribute to the initiative

The Coronavirus Data Portal is an open platform. Users can contribute their own data sets to the Data Portal. You can suggest data sources that should be added to the Data Portal and Denodo’s data steward team will review the data and usage permissions to determine if it’s appropriate to be uploaded. Alternatively, you can create new data sets by combining the Coronavirus Data Portal data with your own data and share this new data set with other Data Portal users.

How to Contribute

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Coronavirus Data Portal - such as connectivity questions or questions regarding the actual data sets - please submit a question through the Denodo Community site.

Community Contributions

While our data stewards and data engineers have been working away behind the scenes to add more data sets to the Coronavirus Data Portal, we have also been getting some great suggestions from the user community. Based on suggestions, we’ve added COVID-19 forecast data, information on the ICU capacity by state, the expansion of Medicare by state, and much more.


Suggest a Data Set for the Data Portal

If you have a data set, or know of a data set, that you think should be added to the Data Portal, let us know. Fill out this simple form and we’ll take a look at the data. If we have any questions, we will contact you for further information.

Suggest a Data Set

Coronavirus Data Portal Sandbox

If you want to flex your creative grey matter and build some derived data sets, combining data from the Data Portal with your own data, we’ve got a Denodo sandbox that’s perfect for you. The Denodo Express COVID-19 Edition is a downloadable version of the Denodo Platform that’s free-to-use for initiatives related to the Coronavirus pandemic. You can download the Denodo Express COVID-19 Edition from the Denodo Community portal.

Download Denodo Express Sandbox

Alternatively, you can request a Cloud-hosted sandbox. We will automatically create the hosted sandbox and send you the details of how to connect to your sandbox and get started using the Coronavirus Data Portal.

Request Cloud-hosted Sandbox

Contribute and Help Us Grow

Contributing data sets - either through suggestions or by creating derived data sets - will continue the growth of the Coronavirus Data Portal and enhance the value that fellow users are getting from using the data. This continued growth will provide more varied and richer data for all of us to use and share in our efforts to combat this deadly pandemic.

Customer and Partner Solutions

Thanks to many customers and partners for partnering with us and developing solutions to help fight back the Coronavirus pandemic. Here are their solutions.



Our partner pmOne developed pmOne Share Cockpit, a virtualization portal that provides reports based on data science. It aggregates existing and established reporting solutions and provides advanced filtering capabilities, which data scientists can use to develop algorithms to analyze global news flows, the results of which are displayed in a dashboard.

See pmOne Share Cockpit

Spectrum Health

In an effort to measure and monitor the health of our employees, we needed to create a way for them to tell us about their own health and to provide the clinical teams and leadership with details on who is healthy and who is not before coming to work. Denodo provides us with the ability to connect self-purported health data provided by employees via an online survey with employee demographics, employee hierarchy, badge system & Active Directory data virtually. This delivers wellness information in near real-time without having to Extract, Transform & Load the data physically from source systems or run batch incremental loads. As a result, we have been able to speed up our overall build time by at least 3x and deliver the end result in weeks instead of months.

Mahendra Parasmal, Sr. Information Architect, Spectrum Health
See Spectrum Health Resource Center

Contribute and Help Us Grow

Contributing data sets - either through suggestions or by creating derived data sets - will continue the growth of the Coronavirus Data Portal and enhance the value that fellow users are getting from using the data. This continued growth will provide more varied and richer data for all of us to use and share in our efforts to combat this deadly pandemic.

Data Sources

Denodo’s data stewards and data engineers have seeded the Coronavirus Data Portal with data obtained from a number of open data sources. Organizations who have shared and contributed data include:

View Data Sources

Denodo’s commitment to our users

Denodo has launched a collaborative initiative using data virtualization to connect and unify disparate global data about the virus outbreak. The goal is to create awareness about the disease and produce free, easily consumable, curated data sets for faster and better decision making in addressing this pandemic.

Using this data, companies will be able to, for example:

  • Identify the key scientific underpinnings of evidence-based outbreak control methods.
  • Recognize the importance of community involvement and global cooperation in outbreak response.
  • Learn how infectious disease modelling drives strategic and operational response at the local, national, and international levels.



The Coronavirus Data Portal initiative is an open and collaborative platform developed using Denodo's Data Virtualization technology with the intent to help alleviate the ramifications caused by COVID-19. Read this brochure to learn about this initiative and how you can help.


Press Releases


Adoption of Denodo Coronavirus Data Portal Initiative Grows as More Customers and Partners Use It to Fight and Minimize the Impact of COVID-19

Complimentary, collaborative initiative leverages data virtualization to unify critical pandemic-related data.


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The list below provides you with the most popular datasets that are used often. You can also access the Denodo Data Catalog to explore all the views/services available classified by business folders, tags and other criteria.

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