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Data Virtualization for Business Intelligence and Business Agility in the Age of the Customer

It’s the age of the customer, which Forrester Research Inc. defines as a new business era where your customers are empowered through social, mobile, and other technologies giving them the power to disrupt your business. Research has shown that sustained leadership in any market requires business agility across ten dimensions, particularly in the age of customer. In order to succeed, companies must embrace the four market imperatives that are key to differentiation during this new business cycle:

  • Transforming the customer experience
  • Embracing contextual interaction afforded by mobile
  • Becoming a digital advocate
  • Turning to big data for business insights

Agile data management contributes to all of them.

In this webinar series, four guest speakers from Forrester Research Inc. will present on their current research to provide insights and best practices for the age of the customer. Business (CEO, CMO, Chief Customer Officer (CCO)) and technology (CIO, CDO) perspectives will be provided, linking the need for agile data management and data integration to corporate goals. Denodo will supplement with real-world case studies illustrating the role data virtualization has in advancing business intelligence and business agility.

The Sessions

Join guest speaker Craig Le Clair as he defines the Forrester business agility framework, which requires the CIO to have both “awareness” and “execution” competencies across all ten dimensions. He will argue the importance of modern data management and data virtualization for business agility, with Denodo providing examples of how successful companies have done just that.

In order to succeed in today’s business climate, every part of the organization must come together to consistently deliver a great customer experience. Join guest speaker Megan Burns as she shares her latest research on why this is the case and how companies can do this effectively. Viewers will learn how customer experience affects customer loyalty, which drivers of the experience impact loyalty the most, and best practices for establishing a disciplined system for customer understanding. Denodo will provide examples of companies delivering great customer experience across industries using data virtualization.

In this webinar, join guest speaker and analyst at Forrester Research Inc., Cory Munchbach, as she presents the contextual marketing engine, how to build one, and the role of big data and data virtualization in making it go.

Join guest speaker Holger Kisker Ph.D. as he discusses what companies need today: a flexible data management architecture to cope with both traditional and emerging sources of data (in any structure), advanced data analytics to extract deeper business insights, and efficient ways to deliver these insights as information or data services for better business decisions. All embedded into an efficient data virtualization layer that makes all data available when, where, and in whatever format it is needed.


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