Denodo on Cloud Marketplace FAQ

What types of Denodo Platform subscriptions are available on the AWS / Azure Marketplaces?

Can customers use their on-prem licenses to install the Denodo Platform on the cloud?

How is AWS / Azure Marketplace subscription pricing different from BYOL license pricing?

Does Denodo offer a Free trial of the Denodo Platform on the AWS / Azure Marketplace?

How is a Test Drive different from an AWS / Azure Marketplace Free Trial, and which one is best for me?

Is there a difference between AWS / Azure Marketplace Free Trial and Denodo Express?

Is official Denodo Support available with the AWS / Azure Marketplace Subscription and during a free trial?

What happens after the AWS / Azure Marketplace 14-day free trial expires?

Do marketplace subscriptions include Solutions Manager support?

Is it possible to upgrade from 2 data sources to 5 data sources under the AWS / Azure Marketplace subscription model? If so, how is that done?

Can I use the Solution Manager on-premises to manage the licensing on the cloud instances via the marketplace?

How does BYOL licensing work with AWS or Azure?

Can I apply a BYOL license to the marketplace instance on AWS/Azure?

Who installs Denodo fixes and updates on the AWS / Azure Marketplace?

Is there a way to extend the 14-day free trial?

Who manages the Billing on AWS / Azure Marketplace subscriptions?

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