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Denodo on Cloud Marketplace FAQ

Q1 - What type of Denodo subscriptions can one sign up for on AWS /Azure marketplace ?

There are several options available based on Customer requirements

  • By number of data sources (2,5,8,10)
  • By Query size /rows returned 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k)
  • Unlimited (similar to on prem licensing)

For more details on Denodo Platform for: AWS click here / Azure click here

Q2- Can a Customer use their On-prem license to install on Cloud IaaS?

Customers can take advantage of the Multi-Server licensing option and via BYOL (Bring your own license) mechanism, bring their on-prem licenses to the Cloud and manage them accordingly. For example, if the Customer has licensed 8 cores as part of multi-server licensing,, they can leverage 4 cores on-prem and 4 VPC on the Cloud to suit their needs. The Customer would manage this on their own, as if they are utilizing the Public Cloud as Infrastructure as a Service.

Q3- How is AWS / Azure Marketplace subscription pricing different from BYOL license pricing?

On-prem license pricing is per core and includes unlimited Development and Test licenses when using the multi-server licensing mode. Customers have the opportunity to avail the Pay-per-Use model based on the option they choose as part of the AWS / Azure Marketplace subscription. The price includes Denodo support and they can sign up on the marketplace itself. The pre-installed version of Denodo is available in minutes as to get started quickly. There are two parts to the subscription pricing

  • Infrastructure Costs
  • Denodo licensing costs

It’s all managed by the AWS/Azure marketplaces and Denodo is not involved with any kind of billing directly.

Q4- Does Denodo offer a Free trial on AWS / Azure Marketplace?

Yes, there is 30 day free trial that one can avail to. The Customer pays for infrastructure, but the license cost of Denodo is free for 30 days. There might be some changes to this in terms of ability to invoke the free trial under Denodo’s AWS / Azure account or under Customers’ own AWS / Azure account. Each has it’s own benefits in terms of data sources configuration and simplicity of use.

Q5- How is Test Drive different from AWS / Azure Marketplace Free Trial and which one is best for me?

Test drive is a mechanism to quickly learn and explore Denodo Platform via variety of use case scenarios and a user guide. It provides a hands on experience for two hours and can be used more than once. There is no charge for the Test Drive and is available on AWS and Azure Cloud today.

The Free trial is for an extended period (up to 30 days) and provides the ability to explore Denodo in depth to perform a POC and validate use cases.

Q6- Is there a difference between AWS / Azure Marketplace Free Trial and Denodo Express?

Yes, Denodo Express has certain limits in terms of number of users and size of the queries that one can use with it. There is no expiration and can be used for as long as they like.

The Free trial through AWS / Azure Marketplace is limited to 30 days, which is good enough to do a POC. If for any reason an extension is needed, you can contact the Cloud team to explore other options.

Q7 – Can user avail official Denodo Support with the AWS / Azure Marketplace Subscription and during the Free trial ?

Absolutely, one can sign-up for Denodo Support on the Marketplace itself. There is a URL link that is available for signing up and one can then open tickets directly with the Denodo support team.

Q8- What happens after the AWS / Azure Marketplace 30 day free trial expires?

There are couple of options that the user have once the Free Trial is over.

  • They can continue with the subscription, at which point they will be started to bill for the Denodo License usage
  • They can terminate the instance and not pay for use
  • They can restart the instance at a later time, at which point they only pay for the usage, based on the number of hours the instance has been up and running.

Q9- Does Marketplace subscriptions include Solutions Manager support?

As of today, the Marketplace subscription based licensing cannot be managed via Solutions Manager on the Cloud. If the Customer decides to use BYOL and IAAS, installing the Denodo platform on Cloud, they can manage the Solution manager on their own by installing it on a different VM/EC2 instance. The caveat there is that they would need to pay for the infrastructure usage.

The AWS / Azure Marketplace subscriptions are single server instances i.e. they do not include the Solution Manager. This is simply to avoid the additional overhead and complexity of the Solution Manager when someone is starting out with Denodo on AWS or Azure.

Q10- Customer wants to upgrade from 2 data sources to 5 data sources under the AWS / Azure Marketplace subscription model. Is that possible and how?

One cannot automatically switch or transition from one instance type to another. They would need to stop the 2 data source instance and startup the other of their choice. The user will need to export the VQL, start a new subscription (e.g. with 5 data sources), and then import the VQL.

Q11- Can one use the Solutions manager on-premise to manage the Licensing on the Cloud instances via Marketplace?

Customer can use Solutions Manager to work in a Hybrid environment with BYOL option in the Cloud.

Q12- How does BYOL licensing work with Cloud (AWS/Azure)?

BYOL is just purchasing a annual subscription license from Denodo and applying this to Denodo running on AWS/Azure installed by Customer. Customers are eligible for the same kind of Support, irrespective of their deployment platform (cloud or on-premise).

In short, BYOL is referring to just getting a blank VM instance and buying a traditional license from us i.e. Customer has to install and configure themselves.

Q13- Can I apply a BYOL license to the Marketplace instance on AWS/Azure ?

This is not possible or recommended action. The Marketplace subscriptions are managed by AWS/Azure and will continue to charge infrastructure + Denodo license associated to that instance. For example, if they subscribe to a Denodo 2 data sources and apply a Denodo Evaluation license (30 day), the system does not know about it and they will continue to pay for the 2 data sources (they can always start and stop to avoid charges).

The subscription is registered in AWS / Azure so as long as the instance is up and running, the metering is ON in the background. Changing the license file might NOT really matter.

Q14- Who installs the Denodo fixes and update on the AWS / Azure Marketplace?

For Marketplace instances, the user is responsible for applying hotfixes, updates, etc. as and when necessary, the same as in on-premise environments .

Q15. Is there a way of extending a Marketplace trial of 30 days?

There is no easy way to extend the POC via licensing but one option would be for the Client to kick off another 30 day instance (free trial) and export import their VDP metadata. A slight brute force but should work.

The trial period is specific for each offering so if they subscribe to a different Denodo offering than the one used today (for example, from 2 data sources to 5 data sources) they are going to get another 30-day trial; but they need to export from the old one and import in the new one, and apply other custom configurations if any. As mentioned, to avoid the license restrictions for a particular pay-as-you-go instance they can apply a Denodo Evaluation license.

Q16- Who manages the Billing on AWS / Azure Marketplace subscriptions?

All the billing is managed by AWS/Azure and that billing is associated to the image published (that's what AWS / Azure Marketplace understands, AWS/Azure does not understand Denodo licensing). At this point we don't have any possibility to manage a particular subscription through the AWS / Azure Marketplace tools so we don't have any option to extend a trial period.