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New Research Study 2018: How To Rule Your Data World

In today's connected world, data is everywhere. Data enables innovative use cases, optimizes internal processes and will significantly affect tomorrow´s businesses.

With the increasing amount of data coming from a vast variety of channels there is a rising awareness of the necessity for a data strategy.

The new study “How to Rule Your Data World” from BARC, provides an overview of the current state of data strategy and data governance initiatives from companies around the world:

Key Questions this Study Addresses:

  • What are the most striking benefits of data governance?
  • Which technological approaches are companies taking to control and provide data?
  • What are the critical success factors of effective data governance?

According to BARC, Data Governance refers to the individuals, processes and technology required to manage and protect enterprise data assets. Its goal is to ensure interpretability, correctness, completeness, trustworthiness, security, accessibility and traceability of enterprise data in an efficient and effective manner.

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Source: BARC Survey "How To Rule Your Data World": November 2018. A global survey of 378 companies.

The survey 'How To Rule Your Data World's was prepared by BARC, an independent market analysis firm. This preview is available free of charge thanks to sponsorship by Ab Initio, Denodo, MarkLogic and SAS.