Phone House's benefits with Denodo Data Virtualization

The company

Phone House is the world's largest independent telecommunications retailer serving over 100 million customers under Phone House, Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy Mobile brands with over 3,600 store across Europe and North America. Phone House works with leading telecom operators like Vodafone, Virgin, Orange, Telefonica, and ATT and equipment providers including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft Mobile and Blackberry.

The need

In Phone House's retail model, completing customer phone activations or migrations in the minimum time, with no errors and at the lowest possible cost is key to customer satisfaction and revenue growth. This used to require cumbersome manual operations by store clerks to synchronize data with service provider systems over the extranets.

Before deploying a Data Virtualization solution, there was no direct access to the telecommunication operators systems nor was there any standards or interfaces for automatic information exchange and synchronization (activations, migrations, etc).

With the objective of improving the B2B business model across multiple partners, Phone House developed a Web Automation solution to bi-directionally integrate Phone House retail systems with the activation systems and web-based portals of service partners such as Vodafone, synchronizing customer, product and order information. In summary, they needed to improve their B2B business model and create an automatic synchronization of their Invoicing System with the operator's Activation Systems allowing more agility, efficiency and transparency in:

▪ New activations, new lines, portability, migrations, annexes, etc.
▪ Verification of the status of activations
▪ Commission management

Why Denodo?

In order to execute their required business processes via the Web, Phone House needed to resolve a series of technical difficulties:

▪ Deploy and maintain the solution to respond with agility to changes in the various third party web sites, which are independent to Phone House.
▪ Optimization to support hundreds of automatic navigations.
▪ Create and deploy scalable and fault resistant architectures. Based on all the requirements mentioned above and Denodo's proven experience in the deployment of critical business process automation via the web, Phone House opted for Denodo's ́Data Virtualization technology.

Another key factor considered by The Phone House was deployment times. The deployment times for the Denodo Data Virtualization project were extremely quick with the projects requiring completion in just weeks, resulting in a direct and rapid return on investment.

Denodo's Data Virtualization technology has been applied to Phone House's B2B Process Automation Solution via extranets. This has allowed Phone House to automate the continuous and cumbersome manual tasks, as they are now able to:

▪ Automatically navigate through any type of Web source.
▪ Execute transactions on Web sites.
▪ Automatically execute data extraction and structuring tasks.


With the deployment of Denodo's Data Virtualization Platform, Phone House has realized significant

▪ Global efficiency increase by more than 50%.
▪ 87% reduction in data input errors due to manual processes.
▪ Client in-store waiting times reduced by almost 75%.
▪ Record time automatic activation of operators and partners (initially Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo).
▪ 50% increase in productivity at the point of sale, thanks to the reduction of manual tasks required on the extranets.
▪ Significant increase in the number of daily operations (activations, migrations, etc.) with the same personnel.
▪ In addition, the tool's ease of use avoids the need to involve specialized technical profiles during operations.

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The Phone House increases global efficiency by more than 50% and reduces client in-store waiting times by 75% with Denodo Data Virtualization.

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The Phone House reduces client's waiting time by 75% and benefits from a 50% improvement in overall in-store efficiency thanks to Denodo Data Virtualization.

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