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BNova is an Italian consulting company with a mission to support its clients in strategic decisions and development of Business Intelligence solutions. BNova was founded in 2006 and became fully operational in early 2007. BNova has years’ of experience in implementing successful customer projects with a multitude of Italian companies. They provide technical consultation on architecture of BI and big data systems, engineering and implementation of BI and big data solutions, training and technical support. BNova has a rich history with customer experience and references across the following sectors: services, finance, insurance, public administration, retail and telco.


Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization- Italian version

In this document you can learn about data virtualization, its capabilities and benefits. Graphics of the architecture help visualize how it all really works, from the bottom-up. Additionally, you are provided with four different success stories as well as comments from clients about their experience with the Denodo Data Virtualization Platform.