At Compegence, we are focused on creating “Information Advantage” for the business. We bring deep expertise helping companies navigate the "Competing with Analytics Journey". We follow ‘Business Acumen + Process + Data + Domain + technology’ approach to create “Information Advantage”. We bring deep expertise in the decision intelligence lifecycle that includes data ingestion, data integration, data warehouse, business intelligence, analytics, data and text mining, big data and process excellence. This spectrum of expertise is vital to navigate the “Competing with Analytics Journey”. The ForeWarn Solution from Compegence provides real time detection of trends, anomalies and patterns. It provides the early warning mechanism for your business opportunities, risks and threats, including fraud, risk and pilferage. Compegence services include, managed BI and analytics services, data lake with big data and Hadoop, distributed data and data virtualization, predictive modeling, data mining, and text mining.