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A deep dive into conversations on All Things Data! Season 2 Out Now!
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Are you new to the world of data, trying to simplify data jargons to get a clear understanding of data concepts? We have got you covered! 

In each episode, we interview an industry leader within the data space to discuss a variety of topics falling under the data umbrella. Our conversations aim to help newcomers & veterans navigate the complexities of the data industry with ease.

Check out our show today to hear critical insights from industry experts to learn about All Things Data!

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Exploring the Power of Denodo's New Embedded MPP Engine

Podcast Guest: Alberto Pan, Executive Vice President & Chief Technical Officer at Denodo


Common Misperceptions about Data Virtualization

Podcast Guest: Chris Walters, Senior Sales Engineer, Denodo


Data Fabric vs. Data Mesh - What are the Differences and Why Should Organizations Care?

Podcast Guest: Saptarshi Sengupta, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Denodo


How Estes Express Lines Improved Logistics, Increased Customer Satisfaction, and Reduced Labor Costs using Logical Data Management

Podcast Guest: Ravi Shankar, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo


Interpreting Data Catalog in Minutes

Podcast Guest: Varun Prasan Keshar, Senior Data Engineer, Denodo


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