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Become an Expert in Data Virtualization with Denodo Education

Training for the Chief Data Officers of the Future


The Denodo training courses provide expert data virtualization training for data professionals, including administrators, architects and developers. These courses are specifically designed to help our customers build leading-edge data solutions that address your organizations data integration and information management needs.

Our coursework covers the full life-cycle of a data virtualization project, from vision of architectures, to development, deployment and operation. Our instructors and experts offer a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises and laboratories where our students acquire skills and best practices that have immediate application to their real world projects.

We know that being flexible with training location and methods is important. Denodo can provide training in person at one of our offices or a customer’s facility or in a virtual classroom setting – a good solution for teams that are dispersed geographically. Furthermore, in our private training modality, we also offer the option of customized courses where you can select the content and modules that better match your specific needs.




Address data diversity and unlock the full value of all your information universe: Go virtual!


Create agile solutions virtualizing your data assets and building a unified data services layer.


Keep control of all enterprise data and grow your services with data virtualization.