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Denodo Training for Architects

Course Content

In our Architects path you will learn how to design applications based on data virtualization groundbreaking technology, consolidating multiple data silos into virtual repositories and unified data services layers.

  • Understand how to fulfill your enterprise information needs with virtualized datasets. 
  • Design a common data model across diverse data infrastructure, including Cloud and Big Data. 
  • Plan enterprise wide data management and governance policies for data virtualization. 
  • Scale architectures to match data services consuming needs. 

Also available On-demand.


This course covers architectural patterns for the use of data virtualization and best practices for performance optimization, data services governance, scalability and operation. Student will learn how to architect a data virtualization infrastructure to manage the different virtual data workloads with the performance and reliability demanded by the consuming business applications.

Also available on-demand.

Next Available

Mar 20, 2018 - Virtual (SEA)
Mar 21, 2018 - Virtual (EMEA)
Get started with data virtualization. Learn the DV (data virtualization) concepts and how DV compares to and complements other data integration & data management solutions. Understand the scenarios where DV is the right architectural approach, learn how it is deployed and operated, review successful use cases and deployments.
To be Announced
This course is a hands-on training track intended to achieve the first set of skills to efficiently use the Denodo Platform for data virtualization. It is recommended after taking the Data Virtualization Essentials course, and it covers with a practical emphasis data access, data modeling and integration and data services publishing development skills.
To be Announced

Developed by Compegence, this workshop covers the business need for rapid and agile data provisioning and the challenges faced by existing EDWs and the evolving state of rapid data provisioning with data virtualization technologies.

It will examine multiple use case scenarios and demonstrate the rapid data provisioning for each of the scenarios with the data virtualization technology. It will also present a case of real business scenarios where a full solution will be built showing the complete design to deployment lifecycle.

It will help participants understand the data virtualization and rapid data provisioning with the data virtualization. Attendees are encouraged to submit their own business case scenarios for discussion.

To be Announced

Developed by Compegence, this workshop showcases agile data provisioning mechanism for building analytical data marts with data virtualization technology.

It will examine the case of building customer analytical data mart, with demographic, behavioral, and transactional variables; as well as analytical data processing including missing values treatment and dimensional binning.

It will demonstrate the analytical customer segmentation and classification using the analytical data mart built by data virtualization technology, leveraging open source R for the analytical modeling.

To be Announced