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Denodo On-demand Training

Denodo On-demand Training is a way to get trained on the Denodo Platform for data virtualization at your own pace. This online program offers lectures, labs and comprehension exercises designed to help you and your company succeed.

While complementary to the Denodo Virtual Classroom courses, on-demand content is not exactly the same. Also, the product version shown and modules within, may vary from content taught in live courses.

Completion of Denodo On-demand Training course work is achieved when students view each video within all modules of the course, complete the labs, and pass any included quizzes. Denodo Express software is used to do the labs. After successful completion, students will be awarded a course certificate.

Denodo On-demand Training is available for:

Architects    Developers    Administrators   


Current courses available:

Data Virtualization Architect

This course covers architectural patterns for the use of data virtualization and best practices for performance optimization, data services governance, scalability and operation. Student will learn how to architect a data virtualization infrastructure to manage the different virtual data workloads with the performance and reliability demanded by the consuming business applications.

Data Virtualization Developer Introduction

This course provides data developers with data virtualization concepts, terminology and skills needed to develop their first Denodo data virtualization project.

Data Virtualization Developer Basics

This course provides data developers with additional data virtualization concepts, terminology and skills needed to develop and deploy Denodo data virtualization projects. Topics include the concepts of linked data and top-down development and how to connect from external applications.

Denodo Platform Installation & Operation

This course provides in-depth knowledge of all activities required to install and configure the Denodo Platform. Highlights of these activities are: Installing and configuring the Denodo Platform, Updating the Denodo Platform, Backup, Monitoring best practices, Deployments and Clustering Denodo.

Denodo 6.0 Upgrade

This course provides an in-depth understanding of all new Denodo 6.0 features. Students also learn the essential concepts to upgrade from Denodo 5.0 and 5.5.

More courses coming soon.