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Data Virtualization for Data Governance

Data virtualization can be considered a strategic tool in today’s data integration toolkit. And having a centralized point of access to all kinds of information in the enterprise brings a multitude of benefits.

  • Security Management: Data virtualization offers a common security management capability – including definition of users/roles (or importing them from LDAP/AD), fine grained access restrictions (down to the data cell level), data masking, custom security policy enforcement, etc.
  • Data Governance: Central definition of the business glossary with advanced data lineage, change impact analysis, catalog search, etc.
  • Performance Monitoring: End-to-end performance monitoring from sources to consumers to detect bottlenecks that can hinder performance.
  • Auditing: Tracking all data access activity, so the access to the information can be properly audited (“who”, “what” and “when” access to any piece of information).
Data Governance

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