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Data Virtualization for Data Services

With the Denodo Platform, it's possible to create a virtual data layer that exposes the underlying data sources as Data Services to any consuming applications in the enterprise – for both operational and informational purposes. This service-oriented approach to data has numerous benefits, including:

  • A consistent view onto the underlying data sources, reducing the confusion caused by having reports showing different results because the report developers interpreted the data differently.
  • Support for multiple access protocols so that the consuming application or system can access the data service in the manner that is best for them. For example, a reporting tool can access the service using an ODBC connection and an ESB can access the same service (and same data) using a SOAP/XML Web service.
  • A single control point for security and governance. Being able to see who accessed the data (via the data service), when they accessed the data, and what queries did they perform (and result sets returned) is important in all industries and is critical in regulated industries dealing with private or confidential data. The Denodo Platform provides the control point for enforcing and auditing data access through the exposed data services.
    In addition, the Denodo Platform has a unique Linked Data Services capability which allows users to browse, search, and query the virtual data model to discover the data that they need.