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Data Virtualization for Web Automation

Denodo advanced Data Virtualization technology supports Web, SaaS and Cloud integration for multiple purposes:

  • Web Data Extraction: For competitive intelligence, compliance, market research, etc. For example, extracting competitive pricing or special offer information from a competitor’s web site and making this available to a call center agent who is handling a customer retention issue. This information might allow the agent to provide a matching offer to retain the customer.
  • Cloud/SaaS Application Integration: When moving to a Cloud-based application, this can help to integrate traditional on-premises data with Cloud/SaaS data.
  • B2B Integration Through Web Automation: Automating Web-based B2B processes with Denodo advanced Web automation capabilities.
  • Social Media integration: Integrating information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for enhancing customer information. For example, adding Facebook posts to customer information to be displayed to a call center agent – seeing the posts might help the agent to understand how customer’s disposition towards the organization or its products.

Analytical Data Integration Diagram

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