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Partner Solution Brief: Colvin Run and Denodo

Colvin Run Networks, Inc. is a mission-driven IT solutions provider that leverages best-in-class software to deliver value for its clients. Trusted by the Department of Defense, Colvin Run has designed and implemented BI/analytics, workflow, and data management solutions for numerous organizations. Read this solution brief to learn more about data fabric implementation by Colvin Run & Denodo!

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Partner Solution Brief: Collibra and Denodo

Denodo, in partnership with Collibra, provides an agile, self-service, and trusted data delivery platform, enabling organizations to excel in data analytics and informed decision initiatives.

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Implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization

Join Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo, and Richard Madsack, Principal Consultant Data Governance at QuinScape, talking about the challenges customers face when implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization. In this QuinScape webinar, the two speakers discuss a common understanding of the term and explain why Data Governance and Data Virtualization are closely related.In this online format, Inessa Gerber explains common challenges a customer faces when deploying Data Virtualization and how important a Data Catalog is, which is usually a starting point when...

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The State of Federal Data Strategy Survey

The Federal Data Strategy poses a challenge to federal agencies as they attempt to better maintain and leverage their data. So how are these organizations fairing with implementation?In 2022, Government Executive, in partnership with Denodo, fielded a blind survey to see what progress and challenges government agencies are facing in rolling out initiatives in support of the Federal Data Strategy. Are U.S. agencies able to meet the scope of FDS guidelines? How likely are organizations to meet predicted timelines? What are the biggest challenges they face in implementation?  GBC will help...

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DBTA Best Practices Series: Data Integration and Governance for the Modern Enterprise

Okay, you’re moving, or have moved, to the cloud. How do you handle the data that will be moving in and out of these cloud environments, back and forth from on-premises systems, or even from cloud to cloud? That’s the challenge facing data managers and their enterprises as they increasingly engage cloud services and resources to develop their analytical capabilities.This calls for stepped-up data governance, or the effort to assure the integrity, security, and applicability of data that is generated or stored in cloud platforms—along with on-premises environments. 

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Accelerate Data Delivery via Secure Data Exchange

Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. Business decision makers need clean, curated and data driven information that is custom-fit to their goals, so that when it arrives, it is immediately intelligible. One of the ways data can be made available to business users immediately is through data-as-a-service (DaaS), which is exposed in the form of an API.Download this solution brief to learn:The key challenges in providing DaaS in a secure and governed fashionQuick introduction to Denodo ProfessionalReference solution architecture of...

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Ultra Mobile Case Study: Leveraging Denodo’s Data Virtualization and erwin® Data Intelligence by Quest® Platform to transform into Data Driven Organization

Ultra Mobile’s mission is to connect the world by offering international voice communication of the best quality for the lowest possible cost. The company was going through a tremendous growth phase. However, the rapid growth put a strain on Ultra Mobile’s BI infrastructure, hindering the company’s ability to answer basic questions about the health of the business and how best to retain customers.Ultra Mobile needed to de-mitigate risk for unmanaged changes like data gaps between different departments and managed changes like difficulty integrating data documentation for each project. There...

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Partner Solution Brief: Humanativa and Denodo

Today, organizations are not lacking in data. However, with growing data volumes, many continue to struggle with data privacy, consistency, and quality, as well as compliance with a growing number of regulations. In response, organizations need robust, end-to-end data governance capabilities. Unfortunately, many organizations today are unable to achieve these critical capabilities.Working together, Humanativa and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can implement powerful data governance programs that enable them to gain the maximum value from their growing...

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Simplifying Data Governance and Security with a Logical Data Fabric

In an increasingly distributed and complex data landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to govern and secure data effectively throughout the enterprise. Whether it be securing data across different repositories or monitoring access across different business units, the proliferation of data technologies and repositories across both on-premises and in the cloud is making the task unattainable. The challenge is only made greater by the ongoing pressure to offer self-service data access to business users.Data Virtualization allows the creation of a logical data fabric layer that not only...

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Partner Solution Brief: SevenVerbs and Denodo

Agility is a key element of today’s marketplace, whether the need is to adjust product offerings or improve delivery of services. We seek clarity and strive for practical solutions to complex business challenges.Seven Verbs and Denodo have partnered to combine seasoned Data Professionals with the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platform to simplify data access in support of the most critical business needs.

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