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Tackling Data Risks Head-On: The Potential of Data Virtualization

In the face of growing data breaches, mitigating risks is paramount for any organization. This webinar explores how data virtualization, which offers a real-time, unified view of dispersed data, can help navigate these challenges. With insights from key reports, we underline the pivotal role of data virtualization in enhancing data security and regulatory compliance. Moreover, we delve into its ability to eliminate data silos, fostering improved collaboration and decision-making, and ensuring business continuity.In this webinar we underscore the importance of integrating data virtualization...

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Common Misperceptions about Data Virtualization

Podcast Guest: Chris Walters, Senior Sales Engineer, Denodo

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Myth Busters 9: Data virtualization doesn’t help me with data governance

In the past, data governance was looked upon as a thankless task, more of a hindrance to business than a facilitator. However, because of today's data privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly seen as a critical function across most organizations. Companies are investing in governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so on in an effort to improve their data governance function.Many people think that data virtualization has no role to play in data governance, that it's just a data access layer. And this is why we're back with another episode of Myth Busters!

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How to build Virtual Data Products in Denodo

Building reusable, trusted and consumable Data products is the new way the best data teams are delivering high-quality data, quicker and easier than ever before…What is a Data Product? It's a reusable data asset, built to deliver a trusted dataset, for a specific purpose.Teams that use data products spend less time searching for data, ensuring data quality, or building new data pipelines, and those time savings become significant when added up across your data ecosystem and lifecycle.Additionally, data products speed time to insight because they can be reused and repurposed, increase trust in...

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Transforming Data Management in the Cloud with the Denodo Platform

Denodo Keynote by Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist at Denodo.

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Distributed Data Across Cloud and On-Premises: Opportunities and Challenges

Presentation by Philip Russom, Ph.D. Independent Industry Analyst for Data and Analytics (Formerly an analyst with Gartner, TDWI and Forrester).

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Partner Solution Brief: ABeam Consulting and Denodo

The insurance industry faces intense competition and structural changes due to the economic and social environment. To succeed in this environment, insurers need sophisticated management and consulting services to help them expand their business, boost profitability, and refine risk management efforts.There is a big shift towards service-based offerings, for example, providing road-side assistance to go along with your vehicle insurance or monitoring services for your home security system, or providing investment advice for life and pensions to protect financial assets.Mergers and...

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Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Data Ecosystem

Understanding the Differences Between Data Lake Engines, Data Virtualization, and Data Fabric

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The Evolution of Data Stack: From Query Accelerators to Data Fabrics

The data landscape has become more complex with new use cases like IoT, Streaming and Edge analytics. To better manage enterprise data distributed across data lakes, data warehouses, and many other systems residing on-premises and in the cloud, enterprises are turning to various data management technologies like query accelerators, data virtualization, and data fabrics. Each address specific needs of an organization, but which is the right solution to help you meet your business objectives?Join Denodo for a webinar featuring guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Noel Yuhanna, to...

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Lunch and Learn ANZ: How do you further strengthen your Data Lake capability?

Data Lakes were identified as the best option for consolidating data in one location and supporting organisational reporting and analytics needs. However, physical data lake solutions are often constrained by factors such as duplication of data, governance limitations, and the risk of becoming another data silo. Data virtualization allows you to leave all of the source data in place, stored across myriad, heterogeneous systems, and establish a virtual, “logical data lake” for accessing all of your enterprise data.During this webinar we will discuss how a logical approach to data integration...

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