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Denodo DataFest 2017 Panel: Big Data Analytics / Edge Computing

Panel discussion by: Paul Grooten, Data Architect, Statistics Netherlands; Tekin Mentes, Enterprise Data Architect, Logitech; Sue Cameron, Technical Director, UK and Northern Europe, Semarchy; Tom Christian, Associate Sales Consultant, Tableau.

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Modern Data Architectures Need Real-time Data Delivery

Mike Ferguson, Independent Analyst presents how to use data virtualization to solve challenges and aid the promise of digilitization.

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Performance Considerations in Logical Data Warehouse

Mark Pritchard, Director, Sales Engineering, Denodo presents the perks of a logical data warehouse vs. the physical data warehouse.

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Conquering the Edge with Data Virtualization

Lakshmi Randall, Denodo presents how data virtualization plays a critical role in enabling edge analytics.

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Outpace Your Competition with Real-Time Responses

Gavin Targonski, Director Sales and Business Development, Wipro presents how data virtualization facilitates real-time analytics.

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Accelerating Analytics Architectures with Parallel In-Memory Processing and Data Virtualization

Alberto Pan, Chief Technical Officer, Denodo presents how data virtualization uses in-memory fabric to further accelerate the delivery of data to business users.

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