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Combine the Power of Business Analytics with Data Virtualization
Do You Have an Insight Management Strategy?Big Data and the Internet of Things are leading to an exponential growth in data, most of which, unfortunately, is not converted into actionable information. Existing technologies are challenged trying to make sense of this ever-expanding universe of data. Business decision-makers working with traditional technologies are often unable to harness the power of transactional, analytical, social and mobile data.Denodo and WNS, together, enable you to modernize your data and create an insight management strategy by combining the best of Data...
Benefits of Partnering with Denodo
At Denodo we provide an award winning data virtualization platform to over 300 customers throughout the world. Today, the Denodo Partner Network is a group of high performing companies around the globe. Together with our channel, service and technology partners we are committed to providing value, flexibility and choice for Denodo customers.Read this document to understand the business value, training benefits and sales/marketing support of the Denodo partner program.
Using Data Virtualization to Leverage Distributed Enterprise and Web Data in Manufacturing, Retail and Services
Asia is growing rapidly and it could well leap-frog some other continents in adopting innovative approaches to solve the problem of integrating disparate data dynamically. This trend is particularly marked in the high-growth sectors of manufacturing, retail and services, including IT services. In this session, the value of Data Virtualization in these industries is illustrated through 3 use cases covering agile business intelligence, competitive intelligence and marketing analytics using Web automation, and finally operational use to enrich CRM with unified customer information.Speaker Kengo...