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What's New in Denodo 8

In this webinar Alberto Pan, CTO and Executive VP of Denodo, will introduce the new functionalities you can find in the new Denodo 8.0 release, including:Smart Query Acceleration, a game-changer in performance for analytic scenariosNew Central Web Console, to manage all your Denodo deployments from a single portal, including the brand new Web Design StudioAutomatic infrastructure management in AWS from the Denodo Solution ManagerOther exciting features such as the new GraphQL support, or the Denodo Notebook for Data Science

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New Features of Solution Manager 8.0

In this webinar, Carlos Santos - Software Architect at Denodo - will show the new features of the Solution Manager in the upcoming release of Denodo (Denodo 8.0).Attend this webinar to:Learn about the new feature "Automated Mode" to automate the installation and deployment of the Denodo Platform on the cloud.New more fine-grained privileges to control what developers can doWe will do a demo so you can see this in action.See how this ties up with the existing features of the Solution Manager.

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Smart Query Acceleration in Denodo 8

In this webinar Paula Santos, Software Architect at Denodo with deep expertise in the Query Optimizer module, will introduce the Smart Query Acceleration functionality, a game-changer for query performance in the new Denodo 8.0 release.Attend this webinar to learn:What is Smart Query AccelerationWhat are the differences and advantages over the query optimization and caching techniques in previous versionsBest practices on when and how you should use this functionality

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Why is GraphQL Worth my Attention?

In this webinar Daniel Fernández, Technical Product Manager at Denodo, will introduce the new GraphQL Service included in Denodo 8, which offers Denodo client applications a new interface for data retrieval based on the GraphQL language, one of the most common data query languages today.Attend this webinar to learn:How Denodo's Data Virtualization can step up your GraphQL ecosystem.How your GraphQL applications can access data in Denodo with zero coding on the server side.How Denodo offers improved GraphQL performance by removing the n+1 query issue.

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