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Data Innovation Award - Logitech

Avinash Deshpande, Principal, Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Logitech presents their data virtualization use case to successfully migrate to the cloud.

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Denodo DataFest 2018 Panel: Driving Analytic Strategies with Data Virtualization

Panel discussion by: Michael Besin Hansen, Head of Data Systems, Get AS; Andy Cooper, Solutions Consultant, Tableau; Mark Pritchard, Director Sales Engineering UK, Denodo; Tiago Ferreira, Consultant, Passio Consulting.

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Hybrid Cloud Analytics with Centralized Security and Governance

Denodo partner presentation by Andy Cooper, Solutions Consultant, Tableau.

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Deploying Denodo in the Cloud: The Backbone of a Robust BI Infrastructure

Denodo customer presentation by Gerhard Lennox, Senior Data Engineer, 2U.

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Denodo DataFest 2018 EMEA Interview: Tableau

An interview with Andy Cooper, Solutions Consultant, Tableau, a Denodo partner and official sponsor of Denodo DataFest 2018.Visit Denodo DataFest 2018 to watch all the sessions on-demand.

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Denodo DataFest 2018 Panel: Next-Generation Analytics Strategies

Panel discussion by: Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group; Andrew Sohn, SVP, Global Digital and Analytics Services, Crawford & Company; Vaidy Krishnan, Sr. Product Manager, Tableau; Nick Sarkisian, Associate Vice President, Digital & Analytics, HCL

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Democratizing Data for Business Users with Self-Service BI

Denodo partner presentation by Vaidy Krishnan, Sr. Product Manager, Tableau.

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A Journey to the Cloud with Data Virtualization

While Asurion expanded its operations globally, their global client base expected highest quality customer service, something Asurion prides itself with.

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Next-Gen Cloud Analytics with AWS, Big Data and Data Virtualization

The Denodo Platform for AWS enabled Logitech's cloud journey with minimal impact on business operations. The Denodo Platform acts a big data fabric layer and sources data for all of Logitech's analytics initiatives from descriptive to prescriptive to predictive analytics including NLP processing engines.Attend this session to learn how Logitech:Reduced TCO such as infrastructure and operational expenses Empowered their business users with advanced analytics capabilitiesUses AWS and Denodo as their innovation engine

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Leading Construction Equipment Manufacturer Improves Service Delivery and Revenue Using Data Virtualization

To engage in proactive field maintenance and service delivery, The Company heavily invested in modern tools and technologies for telematics and predictive analytics. In addition, since The Company depends heavily on part data from the field for predictive analytics, it invested in field sensors and big data technology.All this data, captured several times an hour, is then streamed or transferred into a data lake. The company needed an agile data integration and access layer, one that can easily integrate big data with other sources of enterprise or cloud data in real time. Download this case...

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