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Enabling Data Catalog users with advanced usability

Data catalogs are increasingly important in any modern data-driven organization. They are essential to manage and make the most of the huge amount of data that any organization uses. As this information is continuously growing in size and complexity, data catalogs are key to providing Data Discovery, Data Governance, and Data Lineage capabilities.Join us for the session driven by David Fernandez, Senior Technical Account Manager at Denodo, to review the latest features aimed at improving the usability of the Denodo Data Catalog.Watch on-demand & Learn:Enhanced search capabilities using...

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Data Services and Data Mesh projects made easy using Top-Down Modeling

In Data Services and Data Mesh Projects, decoupling the work of the Developer from that of the Data Architect or data products owner helps in speeding up the overall delivery of the project. It can be achieved by using Top-Down design. Do you want to follow Top-Down design in the Data Services or Data Mesh projects? Do you want to transform an existing Data Model into a Data Service Model easily? In the context of the Data Mesh project, do you want to make several teams create data products independently?Join us for the session with Rajeshkumar Ganeshan, Associate Director at Denodo, to...

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Unleashing the Super Powers of Monitoring & Workload Management

Real-time monitoring is the delivery of continuously updated data about systems, processes or events. Such monitoring enables quick detection of anomalies, performance issues and critical events. In addition to that, the other concern in a multi-user environment is to achieve a balance in the workload by distributing the available resources. In this session, we will learn about how Denodo addresses both these topics.Join us for this session with Victoria Margret, Senior Data Engineer, Denodo, to learn new features on workload management using Resource Manager and live monitoring using the...

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Converting SAP Business Objects to a New Architecture Solution

Over the years, customers have implemented BI solutions using SAP Business Objects that span from departmental solutions to enterprise-wide deployments. For many customers, these BI solutions have been and are critical to the operations and management of the business. The users, through IT support, have become accustomed to ad-hoc reporting using Universes along tools like Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports. Based on recent news from SAP, these customers will now have to look for a alternate architectures that does not include traditional SAP Business Objects.Join us for this session with...

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Empowering Data Processes with Stored Procedures

Ensuring consistent, accurate, and complete data is essential for any organization that relies on data to drive business decisions. SQL Stored Procedures are a powerful tool that allow to bundle multiple operations in a single unit for code reusability and have easier maintenance while also providing other features such as transaction management and exception handling.Join us for this session with Abbas Kessai, Technical Consultant at Denodo, to understand the benefits of VQL Stored Procedures in Denodo and how they can be used in the data processes of your organization. As part of this...

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How to build Virtual Data Products in Denodo

Building reusable, trusted and consumable Data products is the new way the best data teams are delivering high-quality data, quicker and easier than ever before…What is a Data Product? It's a reusable data asset, built to deliver a trusted dataset, for a specific purpose.Teams that use data products spend less time searching for data, ensuring data quality, or building new data pipelines, and those time savings become significant when added up across your data ecosystem and lifecycle.Additionally, data products speed time to insight because they can be reused and repurposed, increase trust in...

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Unlocking the Power of Apache Kafka: How Kafka Listeners Facilitate Real-time Data Enrichment

In today's fast-paced, data-driven world, organizations need real-time data pipelines and streaming applications to make informed decisions. Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform, provides a powerful solution for building such applications and, at the same time, gives the ability to scale without downtime and to work with high volumes of data. At the heart of Apache Kafka lies Kafka Topics, which enable communication between clients and brokers in the Kafka cluster.

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Approaching the Center of Excellence from the Team Roles perspective on a Modern Data Architecture

Having a clear understanding of the roles needed to manage a Modern Data Architecture would be critical for ensuring that your organization can meet its business goals. Who needs to be involved? What are the roles and responsibilities of each team member? What are the tools that they need to use?Join us for this session with María Sousa, Technical Enablement Director at Denodo, to get guidance and best practices on how to structure these roles within your organization to ensure the most effective use of Denodo and have a starting point to implement your Operational Model.Attend & Learn:...

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Agile Development Lifecycle and Best Practices with Denodo

Can you follow agile methodologies in Denodo development? What are the activities of the different teams in a sprint? What are the best ways to manage your development, testing, and promotion?Join us for this session with Princess Jamelyn Ramos, Technical Consultant at Denodo, to get insights on how to plan and manage your sprint activities in Denodo development with recommended best practices.Watch On-Demand and Learn:Sprint timeline and activitiesSuggested automation for continuous integrationPromotion process and continuous delivery

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Design Guidelines for Data Mesh and Decentralized Data Organizations

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards decentralized data organizations where different domains are partially or fully responsible for exposing their own data for analytics.Join us in this session with Daniel Tenreiro, Sales Engineer at Denodo, in which he will share important design guidelines and best practices that can be used to implement many of the decentralization principles, such as the ones defined by the popular data mesh paradigm, using the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization.Watch On-Demand & Learn:Overview of decentralized data organizations...

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