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Data Virtualization: R offers rapid product innovation and superior customer service

Leading telecommunications vendor R presents how Denodo Data Virtualization technology enabled them to deliver on their corporate mission to compete against established incumbents in their markets by providing rapid product innovation and superior customer service.

Key issues addressed:

  • Provide faster system response to user queries in the call centers, customer portals and partner extranets
  • Corporate wide leverage of information from customer interactions to enable faster roll out of new features
  • Agile creation of new virtualized data services for internal and external consumption while reusing their existing IT infrastructure
  • Solution needed to be easy to maintain and adapt to a highly dynamic environment. 

Solution: Enablement of the extraction and integration of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into a unified virtual data layer and it´s delivery in real- time, allowing R to obtain a single view of customer information from disparate data sources and lower deployment times and costs.

Key benefits:

  • Facilitating R & D & i for the deployment of new products and services with highly reduced costs and times to market
  • Direct and significant savings in data integration cost
  • Improved support  for the integration of R´s existing systems
  • IT services alignment with the business needs for flexibility and agility
  • Data consumer productivity thanks to the elimination of redundancies and manual data collection processes
  • Decoupling of applications from data sources so that they are not affected by data changes, be it location, technology or data schemas
  • Significant reduction of implementation times and costs
  • Provisioning a complete and 360 degree view of corporate data.