This is a video of a presentation by Lori Ball of BioStorage, an Indiana-based global sample management service provider, and Suresh Chandrasekaran of Denodo Technologies, which addresses a solution for building a holistic "Single View of Research Data" within your organization across multiple R&D data services, using data virtualization.

Watch and learn:

  • Challenges faced by drug companies using siloed best-in-class research data (pre-clinical, clinical, sample inventory, safety, consent, biomarker etc.)
  • New technology models for improving utilization of research assets by creating a "Single View of R&D data" while minimizing replication
  • The vital role of data virtualization and other technology in supporting agile research decision-making based on external and emerging data sources, as well as, reusable data services for multiple applications and users
  • Strategies to enable visualization of complete data sets to support improved asset optimization and faster go/no-go decisions to support drug development.