Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Data Virtualization (Australia)

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Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

Presented at Chief Data Officer Live Vol5 (Australia)

Digital transformation tops the strategic initiatives in most companies. And it is a CDO's main responsibility to lead that transformation. The top management in any modern organisation wants a unified 360-degree view of their data – a single screen to evaluate the business. But data is spread across multiple heterogeneous systems and in business driven silos. Any M&A activity further complicates the already complex data integration challenge. Data virtualization is a modern data integration technique that makes all the enterprise data available for unified analysis, without replicating it to a central repository.

Watch on-demand this session to understand how data virtualization can:

  • Integrate data spread across on-prem and cloud sources to find the single version of truth.
  • Modernise the data infrastructure by providing a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data.
  • Create a sophisticated data service to easily share data within and across facilities in real-time.
  • Implement a centralised governance framework and roll out security and access control measures across the entire enterprise data infrastructure.

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