Accelerating Self-Service Analytics with Denodo and Tableau (Singapore)

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Alexander Hoehl
Alexander Hoehl Senior Director Business Development APAC Denodo

Presented at Tableau Public Sector Day 2020, Singapore

Enterprise organizations are shifting to self-service analytics as business users need real-time access to holistic and consistent views of data regardless of its location, source or type for arriving at critical decisions.

Data Virtualization and Data Visualization work together through a universal semantic layer. Learn how they enable self-service data discovery and improve performance of your reports and dashboards.

Watch this on-demand session to learn more about:

  • Combined use of Denodo and Tableau to achieve the best self-service BI experience
  • How data virtualization enables self-service analytics
  • Use case and lessons from customer’s success
  • Features in Denodo Tableau Native Connector

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