Achieving Self-service Analytics with a Governed Data Services Layer

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Shanmuga Sunthar Muniandy
Shanmuga Sunthar Muniandy Director of Architecture & Chief Evangelist, APAC Denodo

Data governance has always been scrutinized as a difficult, unrewarding, costly task, and often a hindrance to business. However, due to today's data protection and privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly considered as a crucial component of organizations. Companies are investing in governance policies, governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so forth to enhance their data governance performance.

In this webinar, we will explore how a logical data management platform can enable a comprehensive data governance strategy that your company anticipates from such initiatives.

Attend & Learn:

  • How organisations can make their self-service initiatives successful while ensuring data security against unauthorised access.
  • How a ‘governed data services layer’ can deliver a guided and governed experience across all aspects of your business.
  • How to strengthen data governance processes.

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