Advancing Critical Banking Data Infrastructure without Business Disruption (Malaysia)

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Nicholas Kuhne
Nicholas Kuhne CEO Metora nm
Alexander Hoehl
Alexander Hoehl Senior Director Business Development APAC Denodo

Many companies have been caught off-guard in their digital journey with external forces like a pandemic adversely impacting IT project timelines, resource availability, whilst also requiring innovation and agility to respond to the new normal. As the sector empowering businesses, banking organisations have to stay ahead without business disruptions to be able to respond to these internal and external impediments. Staying ahead on the digital curve requires modern data architecture and technology that ensures expansion and additional capabilities without stress to infrastructure, specifically when the landscape is a hybrid of legacy and modern applications.

Join this webinar to learn about logical data architecture and how it modernises your data landscape, enabling a unified and integrated view of business data in real time, whether for customer360, financial intelligence, risk reporting, regulatory compliance, etc.

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