Analyst Webinar: Best Practices In Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

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Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson Independent Analyst Intelligent Business Strategies
Emily Sergent
Emily Sergent Ingénieure avant-vente Denodo

This presentation looks at the trends that are emerging from companies on their journeys to becoming data-driven enterprises.

These trends are taken from a survey of 500 companies and highlight critical success factors, what companies are doing, their progress so far and their plans going forward. It also looks at the role that data virtualization has within the data driven enterprise.

During the session we'll address:

  • What is a data-driven enterprise?
  • What are the critical success factors?
  • What are companies doing to create a data-driven enterprise and why?
  • What progress are they making?
  • What are the plans on people, process and technologies?
  • Why is data virtualization central to provisioning and accessing data in a data-driven enterprise?
  • How should you get started?

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