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Are You Ready for the Wave of Opportunities Created by Data Virtualization?

Data virtualization is changing the game. Don’t get left behind.

If you are a data consultant or systems integrator with a focus on modern data management and analytics, then this webinar is for you. Chief data officers, enterprise and BI architects, and business executives are adopting data virtualization as part of their strategy to improve data access, governance, and performance across multiple initiatives in both analytics and operations.

This webinar will reveal data virtualization opportunities and implementation patterns, and provide tools to build your consulting practice quickly and efficiently. Presented by Denodo, the leader in data virtualization.

Attend and Learn

  • Key trends in data virtualization adoption
  • Define your data virtualization strategy and roadmap
  • Building a data virtualization services practice:
    • Customer adoption patterns
    • Services and capabilities
  • Becoming a Denodo Partner


  • Suresh Chandrasekaran, SVP, Denodo
  • Annette Cini, Senior Channel Marketing Manager, Denodo