Best Practices in the Cloud for Data Management (US)

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Brice Giesbrecht
Brice Giesbrecht VP Solution Delivery, Caserta Caserta
Mitesh Shah
Mitesh Shah Director, Cloud Product Management, Cloud GTM, Cloud Alliances Denodo

If you have data, you are engaged in data management—be sure to do it effectively.

As organizations are assessing how COVID-19 has impacted their operations, new possibilities and uncharted routes are becoming the norm for many businesses. While exploring and implementing different deployment and operational models, the question of data management naturally surfaces while considering how these changes impact your data. Is this the right time to focus on data management? The reality is that if you have data, you are engaged in data management and so the real question is, are you doing it well?

Join Brice Giesbrecht from Caserta and Mitesh Shah from Denodo to explore data management challenges and solutions facing data driven organizations.

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