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Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization: an Introduction

Data Virtualization is becoming mainstream. In its new evolution, instead of being pitched as an alternative to ETL/replication, it has been co-opted to provide Agile BI/Logical DW and integration of Big Data analytics. This session will talk about why broad spectrum data virtualization is different – from data sources, modeling virtual data, publishing data services, security and governance, intelligent high performance, and flexible query execution — and why all this is important to meet future business needs that smash together BI & Big Data Analytics with modern Application and Integration strategies for mobile, cloud and more. The session will cover broad spectrum data virtualization capabilities and use patterns adopted by disruptive innovators to mega-sized customers. See what the road to success for data virtualization looks like.

Attend & Get Unique Insights Into:

  • The driving forces behind broad spectrum data virtualization
  • Broad spectrum data virtualization patterns and use cases
  • How leading organizations are using broad spectrum data virtualization to address critical business needs