Building Resiliency and Agility with Data Virtualization for the New Normal (Philippines)

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Emil Capino
Emil Capino Founder & President Info Alchemy
Alexander Hoehl
Alexander Hoehl Senior Director Business Development APAC Denodo

While the impact of COVID-19 is uniform across organisations in the region, a lot of how the organisation can recover from the impact and strive in the market would depend on their resiliency and business agility. An organisation’s data management strategy holds the key, as they tackle the challenges of siloed data sources, optimising for operational stability, and ensuring real time delivery of consistent and reliable information, irrespective of the data source or format.

Join this session to hear why large organisations are implementing Data Virtualization, a modern data integration approach in their data architecture to build resiliency, enhance business agility, and save costs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to deliver clear strategy for agile data delivery across the enterprise without pains of traditional data integration
  • How to provide a robust yet simple architecture for data governance, master data, data trust, data privacy and data access security implementation - all from single unified framework
  • How to deploy digital transformation initiatives for Agile BI, Big Data, Enterprise Data Services & Data Governance

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