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Capitalizing on Your SOA with Data Virtualization (NA)

A robust SOA infrastructure is the lifeblood to application and process integration within the organization. However, the SOA stack (ESB, BPM, CEP, and so on) has often not mixed well with the traditional data integration stack – in most cases, data integration has been the ‘poor cousin’ in this relationship. Data Virtualization allows you to easily and quickly create a virtual data services layer to integrate cleanly into your SOA infrastructure – and also support new initiatives, such as mobile and cloud applications.
Attend & Get Unique Insights into:

  • How Data Virtualization enables a more agile data architecture that better aligns with your SOA infrastructure.
  • How to easily and quickly create data services to expose your data sources in a SOA-friendly way.
  • Denodo’s unique linked RESTful data services that simplify building mobile and web applications.
  • Case studies that demonstrate how Data Virtualization has enhanced existing SOA and BPM systems.


Role: Architect
Solution: Data Services