CIO priorities and Data Virtualization: Balancing the Yin and Yang of the IT (APAC)

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Prasad RN
Prasad RN Chief Evangelist, Compegence Compegence
Alexander Hoehl
Alexander Hoehl Senior Director Business Development APAC Denodo
Nagaraj Kulkarni
Nagaraj Kulkarni CEO, Compegence Compegence

Today’s CIOs carry a paradoxical responsibility of balancing the yin and yang of the Business – IT interface. That is, "Backroom IT’s quest for Stability" with the “Frontline Business’ need for Agility".

A paradox that is no longer optional, but is essential. A paradox that defines the business competitiveness, business survival, and business sustainability. Also enables the visibility to the fuzzy future.

“Trusted Data Foundation with Data Virtualization” provides a powerful ammunition in the hands of the CIO, to effectively balance these Yin and Yang at the speed of the business. In a trusted, compliant, auditable, flexible and regulated fashion.

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