Creating an Enterprise Data Fabric to Digitize City Furniture’s Business Model

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Ryan Fattini
Ryan Fattini Director of Data Engineering City Furniture

Presented at CDAO Data & Analytics LIVE: US

City Furniture is a Florida-based retailer that is on a mission to change the way people live—with beautiful home furnishings at incredible value. That mission needed a digital transformation—a data driven future. While the company has been experiencing rapid growth, it encountered challenges with slow and inefficient traditional data management technologies to transform their business model. Traditional ETL based data integration methods had high resource costs, were slow to implement, and were impeding important data initiatives for the company.

Join this session to learn how City Furniture was able to accelerate their digital transformation by implementing Data Virtualization. From self-service analytics, rapid data integration via Denodo APIs, supporting hybrid cloud, and more, Data Virtualization has been a key tool in supporting City Furniture’s objectives. The session will continue with an overview of Logical Data Fabric and how it can play a role in complex ecosystems, and demonstrate how City Furniture's success can be replicated at other companies.

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