Customer Presentation: Logitech: Data Done Right = #Winning

Denodo customer presentation by Avinash Deshpande, Chief Software Architect at Logitech.

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Avinash Deshpande
Avinash Deshpande Principal of Big Data and Analytics team, Logitech


Logical Data Architecture in the Cloud for Analytics at Scale: Logitech, a worldwide manufacturer of personal computer accessories, relied on the Denodo Platform for a live migration from on-premise to Snowflake. They created a governed and secure data layer in their AWS cloud with Denodo, Snowflake and Tableau, not only to run analytics at scale but to create a single semantic data repository and to be able to optimize data availability to their end users in real-time. Logitech will share with you how they run self-service NLP and humanize data insights for their retail pricing, POS and sentiment analysis among many other use cases.

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