Data Literacy and Data Virtualization: A Step-by-step Guide to Bolstering Your Organizational Competencies (US)

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Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar Sr. VP & CMO Denodo
Alissa Schneider
Alissa Schneider Data Governance Practice Leader and Knowledge Management Director Sense Corp

An organization’s effectiveness can only be as good as the understanding of their data. Hence it is important for both the frontline workers as well as the managers to be data literate, so that they can they understand how the business is functioning, decide if any changes need to be made, and quickly make decisions to realize better outcomes. However, successful data literacy requires stringent processes and an effective tool to operationalize them.

Listen to the our replay on the 10-steps to building a data-literate organization, and how data virtualization can help implement the underpinning processes.

Sense Corp and Denodo have partnered to combine state-of-the art professional services with the industry’s most advanced data virtualization platform to streamline data access in support of the most critical business needs.

Watch the replay to learn:

  • The 10-steps to data literacy; what you can do to become a high performer.
  • How to use data virtualization as the foundation to implementing data literacy processes.
  • Examples of companies that have achieved high levels of data literacy.

Download the Sense Corp 10 Steps to Data Literacy eBook to learn more.

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