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Data Science: Operationalizing Analytical Models in Real-time with Data Virtualization

Speakers: Suresh Chandrasekaran, Sr. VP, Denodo

Data virtualization starts with democratizing data access for business users, but goes well beyond to enable entire analytics lifecycle. This session will discuss the critical role of data virtualization in the four key phases of big data analytics: Discovery of raw and enriched data, Analytic Exploration, Real-time Operationalization, and Predictive Intervention.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Design of advanced analytics with view towards business goal realization
  • The role of data virtualization in enabling analytics through four key phases
  • How to exploit product capabilities relevant to each stage
  • Creating a system of governed self-service and collaborative analytics

This session is part of the Denodo DataFest event. You can also access other Denodo DataFest sessions here.


Suresh Chandrasekaran, Sr. VP, Denodo