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Data Services Marketplace Demo

Speakers: Rubén Fernández, Sales Engineer, Denodo

This video includes a data services marketplace demo.

Rubén Fernández, Sales Engineer at Denodo, shows the virtual layers included in a data services marketplace. Using the Denodo Virtual DataPort Administration tool, he explains how the data services layer (provisioning layer) enables the delivery of data in several formats from any interface. 

Additionally, he demos the Denodo Information Self-Service tool so the non-technical users can understand the information they receive. Using Denodo Information Self-Service tool, users can easily access databases, searches or associations which they have access to. These users can search for data – in the data itself or metadata – and find related information without extensive knowledge of the whole data model.

This video is part of the Denodo Educational Seminar (recorded in New York on June 2016). 

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Rubén Fernández, Sales Engineer, Denodo