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Data Virtualization and Modern Data Management

After the announcement of the strategic partnership between Denodo and Kadenza – the most progressive and autodidactic smart data company in Benelux – the two companies have developed this joint webinar to present the value add of Modern Data Management today. This webinar presents the Logical Data Warehouse solution, which enables its customers to efficiently provide deeper insights across all enterprise data sources and the flexibility to easily react to change. Find out Kadenza’s reasons behind becoming a Denodo partner, and why they believe data virtualization is the core solution to creating a Logical Data Warehouse.

Watch this webinar to also learn:

  • The main differences between a data warehouse and data virtualization
  • Common misconceptions of data virtualization
  • The advantages of the Logical Data Warehouse and data virtualization
  • The data virtualization architecture, capabilities, and its adaptability to different customer needs
  • Real customer case studies


  • Jonathan Wisgerhof, Senior Architect, Kadenza
  • Gary Baverstock, Director-Northern Europe, Denodo