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Data Virtualization: Enabling a Business-centered Integration Design

Application integration remains a key challenge for all sizes of organizations, but the old models for it are wearing thin. Rather than doing integration with a mindset of “make it easier to live with all our application silos”, the future lies in doing integration with a mindset of "recovering coherent business operations and data despite the silos." In this webinar, Randy Heffner of Forrester Research, will describe the shift to business-centered integration – "digital business design" as Forrester calls it – highlighting multiple successful case studies as well as the foundational role of data virtualization in a digital business design approach. Randy will be joined by Anthony Kopec of AAA (Northern California, Nevada, and Utah) to discuss how he has taken digital business design approach using the Denodo Data Virtualization Platform.

Attend & Get Unique Insights Into:

  • The benefits of a using a digital business design approach to application and data integration
  • How broad spectrum data virtualization can enable digital business design
  • How AAA (Northern California, Nevada, and Utah) is using Denodo's data virtualization platform and digital business design to provide real value to the business.