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Data Virtualization in Mainstream BI

Data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI) are the mainstays of traditional information architecture and integration. However, innovative and disruptive data technologies, increasing data volumes and sources of data, more complex data integration and quality issues, and the need for lower data latencies are forcing data architects to change how they approach tomorrow’s information architecture. While these latter developments do shake up the status quo, they do not mean the traditional data warehouse (DW) is no longer needed. Instead, data architects must extend the current DW architecture beyond its established "walls" to embrace new data management approaches in a consistent and seamless manner.

In this session, leading analysts Claudia Imhoff and Colin White will discuss the extended DW architecture and how Data Virtualization can help organizations extend and enhance the existing architecture to address the challenges and technologies of the new data ‘wave’.

Attend & Get Unique Insights Into:

  • The challenges facing traditional data warehouse architectures and how the new extended data warehouse architecture supports robust and easy-to-maintain access to all data for effective decision making.
  • How broad spectrum Data Virtualization can help organizations extend their existing data warehouse architecture.
  • The challenges involved in changing your architecture and best practices to ensure easy deployment of new data management technologies.