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Data Virtualization Modernizes Biobanking

Learn how the Indiana CTSI is advancing Bioscience Discoveries with a Transformational Medical Informatics Platform supported using Data Virtualization.

Translational research for genomic and biomarker discovery has been focused on supporting the development of more personalized therapeutic approaches for many years. This research requires higher-quality, well-annotated bio specimens, as well as the development of collaborative models to support the sharing of research sample and data assets. However, distribution of biorepositories on different platforms has led to redundancies and inhibited visualization of aggregate specimen data.

Technological advancements in sample inventory management, data virtualization, and intelligent visualization platforms, as well as the growing use of secure cloud data storage offer opportunities to advance biospecimen research.

Whether you are a researcher or a technologist, hear how the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) is integrating biospecimen research data to enable sample asset optimization across their research enterprise and facilitate sharing of these vital research assets.

This webinar will enable biotechnology researchers to:

  • Gain insight into best practice approaches for integrating biospecimen and research data to advance bioscience discoveries.
  • Learn about technology solutions that deliver a consolidated virtualized view of global sample inventory data tracking, fast sample search, and flexible reporting.
  • Rapidly convert biospecimen data into valuable business insights through an intelligent visualization platform offering personalized data dashboards.

Data integration technologists will benefit from:

  • Learning how disparate data residing in heterogeneous repositories located on premise and cloud can lead to data integration challenges.
  • Understanding how data virtualization is the more agile form of data integration that securely delivers aggregated data in real-time.
  • Deploying modern data architectures that use data virtualization to deliver agile data solutions to researchers in a fraction of the development time.


  • Presentations – 30 min
  • Panel Discussion & Audience Q&A – 30 min